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Limited Edition: Charming Like A Wolf

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Receive this signed, limited edition Charming Like A Wolf, available only here in print!

Discover this enthralling and captivating shifter romance with a twist on classic fairy tales.

Mine. Beau never wanted a mate until his wolf called out for her!

Beau Charming has it all, except time. The Blood Moon is rising, and his impatient wolf is pacing just under the surface of his skin. He doesn’t have time to deal with the supernatural when he’s in the middle of a corporate takeover.

A billionaire wolf is not what anyone asked for.

However, things become even more complicated when he meets Cindy, the first woman who’s turned his attention away from caring about each passing business minute. She’s a lovely distraction that has his inner-wolf howling.

Cindy has her own problems, too, and most of them come with Beau’s handsome face. He’s taking over the company where she works. This just might end the only source of income she has, as she works as an indentured servant to pay for her terminally ill mother’s treatment. She’d do anything to save her mother, even betray her fated mate.

Secrets abound, and love might be around the corner in this comedic, but fractured modern fairy tale.

Beau is charming, as only a wolf could be.

Charming Like A Wolf is a stand-alone book in the Order of the Dragon series.

Product Description/ Specs:

Format: Paperback

Size: 5x8

Page Count: 222