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Dragon Series Print Bundle (books 2-4)

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Why not complete your collection with the other three books in the Dragon series, including:

A Dragon's Desire
A Dragon's Heart
A Dragon's Witch

A Dragon's Desire

We were in love, and things were perfect.

I thought love would solve everything, but instead, loving Erich has only caused problems: Apocalyptic in nature.

That new car smell of our budding relationship has gone out the window, leaving behind the smell of a rancid tuna taco.

Erich's mother, Lady Hel, the Norse goddess of death, despises me. It's more than silent daggers and rolling of eyes. If she could make my head roll, she would. I'm not sure what she'd do to try to get her Erich to break things off with me.

But she is capable of anything.

Including forcing me to travel back to 1799 where her maniacal brother, Fenrir, the wolf-like monster awaits.

He's more than dangerous.

He's pure destruction.

And he's determined that he will use me, a dragon-shifter, to take down the gods in Asgard.

If I don't cooperate, Erich bites the dust permanently, and if I do, I'll damn us all.

Maybe that is what Lady Hel wants. How the hell am I supposed to choose?

A Dragon's Heart

Danger, Destruction, and a Dragon Shifter in this epic mythological fantasy!

In this third book of The Dragons Series, time-travel and fantasy weave together into a passionate romance.

Left at the altar, Mia DiMarco's perfect world comes crashing down.

Hurt and angry, she retreats to the only place she's ever felt safe in this foreign land, the castle where she works.

It is there, that a fervent wish launches her back in time to Napoleonic France.

Mia will have to face history in her present with a man she's only ever read about -- Lord Greyson Dumont-- who sets her heart on fire. The problem is, she also knows he is destined to die.

She'll do anything to change history, even if it means sacrificing her mortal heart to the powerful dragon.

A Dragon's Heart is a fantasy romance for fans of Norse mythology, PNR, fantasy, and time-travel romance. Be enraptured by this story of time travel, destiny, gothic romance, and Norse gods.

A Dragon's Witch

She's an assassin for the gods, and he's her mark.

Granted immortality by the gods, Tink's assignment is simple: eliminate all threats to the Dragon Queen.

When the Vampire, Leif, attacks the queen, his deed can't go unpunished.

Given the assignment to end him, Tink hesitates.

Unable to slay him, Tink instead opens a portal to the safety of her original home in 16th Century Scandinavia. What was intended as an act to protect him from other Chosen turns out to be a nightmare with a change in the timeline.

In this reality, on the brink of war, the supernatural is out in the open and shifters abound. A dragon shifter is demanding fealty, as an army of werewolves wreak havoc along the coast, and vampires are enemies of the crown.

Caught between that of honor and duty, love and power, and trying to protect her family from the invading scourge that seeks to force the kingdom to fall, Tink must choose.

She is the gods' chosen. Is she willing to risk time and place to save the vampire she loves, or will her duty and honor be a death sentence for them both?

A Dragon's Witch is a fantasy romance for fans of Norse mythology, PNR, fantasy, and time-travel romance.

Be enraptured by this story of time travel, destiny, gothic romance, and Norse gods.

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A Dragon's Desire: Ebook


A Dragon's Destiny (paperback)


A Dragon's Witch: Ebook


A Dragon's Destiny: Ebook


A Dragon's Heart: Ebook