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"High Steaks" Quantum Series: Book 6

Troubled times had come to the small Terran Colony planet of Deanna, known widely for being the center of the universe as far as weirdness was concerned.

Unfortunately, having amusing names for its sun (Ramalama) and two moons (Ding and Dong) hadn’t made this quaint little world immune to bad things, and right now, things were looking pretty bleak.

After a shock assassination of a popular visiting royal, the three largest cities on Deanna were quickly and methodically overrun by a well-organized revolutionary army nobody knew existed. The Jack and the Crow, Deanna's two flags, were torn down outside the Governor's Palace at Lupini Square, and replaced with the red banners of the Deannan Service League.

With Deannan society paralyzed by martial law and a communications blackout, the the local government went into hiding. People whom the revolutionaries deemed 'undesirable' vanished almost overnight.

As volunteers secretly began to rally around the Governor and form the Loyalist Army, the stage was set. War was on its way. The quirky little colony was about to be enveloped in a destructive un-civil war!

All was not lost however, as Cindy-Mei Winter and her beau, Gary Beck quickly discovered. Neither they, nor Deanna, was as alone as they thought.

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