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The Galaxii Guide To Corsairs & The Black Fleet

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Meradinis! Home of the almost mythical space pirates called the Corsairs!

The very name of this dark world grabbed the imaginations of young boys and girls, and universally mesmerized dreamers and romantics alike!

Behind the legend of the Corsairs and their sinister culture of plunder and violence lay a history fraught with a desperate, brutal struggle to survive, a vengefulness and a cruel streak – and a drive to survive by any means necessary – chiefly of which was their predation upon other worlds… And it was their predatory nature that struck fear into the hearts of neighboring Terran colonies on the fringe – and, some whispered – in the hallowed halls of the Terran Congress itself.

This guide was created to brief the Galaxii reader about the Corsairs as a group, nuances of their culture, details of their origins, general practices and of course, to present blueprints of their ships and other equipment.

You will get a EPUB (2MB) file