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Christina Engela's Strangely Compelling Science Fiction: Book 1

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"Christina Engela's Strangely Compelling Science Fiction: Book 1"

“Sci-fi is the main thing.” I was told in the original brief by Brandon Mullins, CEO and owner of Moon Books Publishing. “Compelling would be nice. Strange is only a suggestion.”

That set the theme (and the title) in stone, and thus it was that Christina Engela's Strangely Compelling SciFi was born! I set out to look for stories which fit these parameters - sci-fi which celebrates the weird, embraces the unusual, seeks to unscrew the inscrutable... and is also... strangely compelling! If that's what you're after, you’ve come to the right place!

This anthology contains eight strangely compelling sci-fi stories by a group of four talented, imaginative fellow writers: H.G. Emert, Thomas M. Malafarina and Major Roxbrough - and me!

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