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Dead Beckoning

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"Dead Beckoning" Galaxii Series: Book 3

For nearly a century, the fearsome Corsairs had waged a campaign of terror against the Human colonies, plundering and making travel along the space lanes that were the lifelines of the Terran Empire a risky business. The fact that while they had done so, they'd succeeded in keeping the location of their base a closely guarded secret, had become a sore point for the Terran Space Fleet.

And then, one day, quite unexpectedly, the Corsair's maddening luck had finally ran out. The Terran fleet descended on the Corsairs home world in full force.

After nearly two days of fierce fighting, the threat appeared to have finally been neutralized. In orbit, the wreckage of the once feared Black Fleet drifted, blazing. Below, the Corsair civilization breathed its last, like a dying Phoenix waiting on its chance to be reborn... If not on Meradinis, then... somewhere else.

Like every soldier who leaves home to go to war, Adam hoped to return to the arms of his love – but Adam wasn’t exactly a soldier, and Marsha… well, Marsha wasn’t exactly standard spec either… but if he did return at all, he hoped to return to her.

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