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"Sentinel" Galaxii Series: Book 4

The starship I.S.S. Munray is a ship crewed by a lot of ill-disciplined misfits barely one step away from another court-martial - and the Captain's the worst of the lot! When the opportunity presents itself for Vice-Admiral Beens to rid himself of the troublesome, malingering Wynne Polluk, he jumps at the chance to introduce a new broom, in the form of one Sonia La Belle.

In order to meet the deadline, she must deal with all the obstacles in her path; an old rundown ship whose engines lie disassembled, an uncooperative senior staff, and negative hopeless crewmembers who'd probably be more at home in the stockade than running a starship! The Munray and her crew resume their life of routine space patrol - which is soon interrupted when the ship is diverted to pursue a pair of dangerous fugitives who've escaped from a max-security facility - one that was supposed to be escape-proof! This turns out to be an exercise which will push ship and crew - and the Captain - to their limits!

Can they overcome all the obstacles they face, track down the Corsair fugitives, and do so in time to prevent the destruction of Earth?

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