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Lazy Macros®: The Antidote to Dieting Nonsense (Part 2)

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If you’ve done the #800gChallenge® already and you’re looking for what’s next, you’re in the right spot!

It’s time to add protein to the diet in the same simple way as fruits and veggies: focus on addition, not restriction without complicated rules and micromanaging your food choices.

Why protein? It’s essential for weight, health, and fitness goals and tends to be underrepresented in most diets.

This combination of doing the #800gChallenge® plus adding a protein target is dubbed: Lazy Macros®. The macros diet is where you weigh and measure everything you eat to hit certain macronutrient targets. It’s incredibly effective due to the precision it brings.

It’s also a lot of work. Some of us would prefer … a little less work.

Call us “lazy,” fine enough, but what IF we can get most of the results without all the work?

Track on your fruits, veggies, and protein consumption, which are underrepresented in our modern diets abundant with processed carbs and fat. Adding the foods we tend to undereat to the diet *should* lower the foods we overeat.

Never know ‘til you try! Welcome to Lazy Macros®.

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