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The Knotty Girl and Her Princes Special Edition Hardcover - Sprayed Edges

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*Dual Color Sprayed Edges*

Special Edition Omnibus Includes:



Blurb from Book 1

Omegas without a pack have no rights. We’re only as worthy as the alphas we mate with, and my uncle killed mine before I had the chance.

I’ve been making it fine on my own...until now.

After I’m caught taking illegal suppressant pills, allowing me to pass as a beta, I’m sent to be an entertainer for the most notorious alphas in the Pack Regime.

Except I never make it.

The Gilded Sands pack princes accidentally abduct me during a contraband heist. The last thing these possessive, hot men need is an unbonded omega in their household, but I stumble across a secret—one they’re willing to kill for.

Now, they won’t let me leave.

To survive a brewing war, I must do whatever it takes to ensure their secret remains safe. An omega is only as powerful as her alpha, and these princes will be mine.