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Beatrice SLWC with Heel Bar (Term) Visit to the Public Square with Foot Play

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In this crutching clip Beatrice steps out with her term leg cast and heel bar, still afraid to put weight on it. She's going to the public plaza to see some new artwork on display. Unfortunately, she missed the public opening due to her accident and not wanting to get her tender exposed toes stepped on by the crowd that came for the unveiling. So's she's crutched over a couple of days after when she knows it won't be crowded and her bare toes will be safe. It’s still struggle though and she needs to find a bench where she can sit down and massage her bare toes before crutching off. This version is 1 minute longer and features more crutching.

TIME: 12 Mins

SIZE: 853 Mb


RESOLUTION: 1920x1080

DATE: 12 Mins

You will get a MP4 (869MB) file

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