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Natural ESP: A Layman's Guide to Unlocking the Extrasensory Power of Your Mind - Ingo Swann

16mb pdf file available for instant download after Paypal payment. This book is no longer being published and rare to find. Available for download here due to a recent copyright lapse over the material in 56 countries.

Note: This is the same book as Everybody's Guide to Natural ESP: Unlocking The Extrasensory Power of Your Mind (1991), with the only difference being who wrote the 'forward'.

From Ingo Swann, a gifted artist and pioneer in the field of psychic research, comes an exciting new approach to understanding ESP. Now, you can learn how to unlock this extraordinary faculty within yourself-to discover and develop your own natural extrasensory talents. In this groundbreaking book, Ingo Swann shares with you the revolutionary techniques he has developed and tested in thousands of experiments-with startling results-for tapping his own ESP potential. His exciting new concepts of "mind mound", "mind manifestation", and the "ESP core", help to demystify ESP and link this important inner reality to what we already know about dreams, memory, quantum physics and basic human creativity. His special exercises and guidance help you locate your own psychic core-and demonstrate that extrasensory perception is not "supernatural" at all, but a natural part of the interconnection between you and the world.

About the Author

INGO SWANN was internationally known as an advocate and researcher of the exceptional powers of the human mind, and as a leading figure in governmental and scientific projects to investigate and identify the scope of subtle human perceptions.

Since 1970, his name and work have been incorporated into most contemporary books about PSI and the "paranormal." He was featured in four volumes of Time-Life's bestselling series entitled Mysteries of the Unknown. His contributive work has achieved broad media notice and been featured in every major American/British television documentary on the subject of PSI phenomena and Remote Viewing. Swann has been interviewed and/or profiled in dozensof magazines, including Time, Reader's Digest, Smithsonian and Newsweek.

Swann's early work in parapsychology, as a noted and highly successful "guinea pig," made him a psychic superstar in that field. His subsequent research on behalf of American intelligence interests, including that of the CIA, won him top PSI-spy status. His involvement in government research projects required the discovery of innovative approaches toward the actual realizing of subtle human energies. He viewed PSI powers as only parts of the larger spectrum of human sensing systems.

In the 1970's Swann conducted Remote Viewing sessions targeting Jupiter and its surrounding moons, as well as Mars and Mercury. The findings of his well-known Jupiter probe were later confirmed by Voyager's own tour of the planet in 1979. During Swann's Remote Viewing sessions of Mars, he reported seeing water, among other observations. Decades later, in 2015, NASA scientists announced that they believed they could finally confirm that water flows on the surface of Mars. And Edgar Mitchell, who made his historical moon voyage in 1971, said in the National Enquirer, "It took Mariner 10 months to get to Mercury -- but Mr. Swann was able to project his consciousness there in an instant. Mr. Swann's findings, -- weeks before we received the Mariner data -- were incredibly accurate."

Swann was the author of over ten books. His publisher, Crossroad Press, is reissuing many titles as ebooks, among them, Penetration: The Question of Extraterrestrial and Human Telepathy; Purple Fables; Psychic Sexuality; The Great Apparitions of Mary; The Wisdom Category; and Star Fire, with more to come.

Ingo Swann was also a visionary artist and his exquisite paintings can be found at The National Air and Space Museum, the Association for Research and Enlightenment (A.R.E.) and The American Visionary Art Museum.

Swann never developed, produced, created or participated in any mass marketed remote viewing training program, whether in print, video or DVD. Any videos of Swann regarding remote viewing are from lectures he gave on his research at various conferences. He did, however, make his autobiographical memoir, Remote Viewing, The Real Story, freely available on his website.

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