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Chronically Exhausted Mama's Planning Kit

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Do you need help managing all the things as a chronically exhausted mama? 

This is the worksheet bundle to help you create the five systems I recommend in my blog 

This is an instant download, you may print it out as many times as you need for your personal use only (if your friend wants a copy, direct them here). 

These are simple templates designed to get you started today. The point is not in fancy templates or prolonged planning, it is in enacting the steps. 

This kit helps you to plan to make your life a little easier and includes:
  • Master To Do List (so you can get the tasks out of your head and onto paper)
  • The Daily List (with your daily non-negotiables and your daily five)
  • My Meal Plans
  • My Meals List (a quick go-to you can create with your favourite/easy meals)
  • Meal Planning Guidelines
  • Everyone is a Helper Chart (so your kids can do their share too)
  • Your Paced Cleaning Plan (divide and conquer)
  • Your Self-Care Plan (with examples and ideas and link to more help with this)
  • Your Sleep Diary (if you're having trouble with sleep, this will help you pinpoint what is happening)
  • My Sleep Hygiene Plans (you can look into sleep hygiene and try some things)
  • My Daily Log (your daily personal health tracker including your self-care and your simple gratitude list)
  • a couple of pages of notes in case inspiration strikes
  • PLUS access to a FREE 10 minute self-care challenge to help you level-up your self-care 
This is a compiliation of about six of my most popular worksheets that sell for $5-10 per set. The challenge you get with it would cost you $39. So $69-99 of cost saved, but what would the value be if you took them, used them and made life a little easier?

Grab them all today for just $9.99. 

Printing Notes:
Print “fit to paper” and use your normal A4 paper.
You may like to print two-sided and grey scale to save ink and paper.
You may like to print multiple copies of the Daily Health Logs and Daily Lists – there are two of each to make to easier to do so.

What happens next?
You click puchase and can immediately download your PDF document. 
If you miss that link, you will also receive an email with a link.
You will get a PDF (249KB) file
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