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Zodiacal Elixir by #1008planets #RTRRT #16SunSigns #Cetus
“Our own times are e.g. marked by Cetus, Pegasus, Scutum, Hydra; even Eridanus”
“Exotic” zodiacal positions to some as every day's occupation of true scholars' goose eggs.


A due introductory enchiridion unto the incipient scholar as follows.

I.Never confuse the 67 horoscope signs with your basic 22 sign zodiac sandbox.
II.Sandpile, actually since we live in a 3-dimensional or 4=dimensional or 11-dimensional spacetime. Sandbox since albeit it took minutes on order to determine true zodiac, constant refurbishing of dozens of zodiacal models, including the galactic zodiac, took years; as triumphing into 1008 planetary zodiacs.
III.It goes without saying that the precessing ascendant sets have but occasional resonance with e.g. the 16 solar stations: that the present epoch of Hayagrivananta showcases 16 ascendants can be considered as sheer challenging viveka coincidence.
IV.Similarly ditto the precessed ascendant sets will as they did resonate with some of the 67 horoscope signs. To be duly noted that Eris and Pluto may or may not be excluded from planetary status. One may furthermore consider IAU classifications as absurd.
V.In the past, various – sometime well-meant: like MORINVS e.g. - men have multiplied thus stockpiled mountains of error, not only stemming from the 12 or 13 signs superstition, but also from many other unreasons. Sometimes. Superstition simply gave them no choice: within their two-dimensional pattern, they e.g. have made Pluto ruler over Aries: a faint as timid uterine entrance into the watery part of the sky, including Capricornus, Cetus, Aquarius among a dozen aquatic stellar stems.
VI.As Pluto never enters Aries at all, so Eris never enters Taurus; otherwise an as lucrative as rare zodiacal ascendant; triuniterally1 neighboring Eridanus and Orion.
VII.People have and do not want to have any idea or elven connection with them real astronomic observable skies, they will insist that 90 or 270 degrees or errors is law as frozen into default-mind's dumb tradition of some sort. Let the Redeemer decide, never look or offer advice since they bite: are ready to die rather than e.g. learn such simple things as their own otherwise insignificant Sun-sign: they go by the name of astrologers, both west and east. Do not argue with them, since there is nothing to argue about: as per usual they have no idea even of their own superstitious stuff.
VIII.Conversely, there is nothing much to learn but pretty much to avoid from confused people like Nechepso, Shamal, Enoch, Petosiris, Ptolemy, Copernicus, Nostradamus, Newton, Dr. John Dee, Morinus, Aleister Crowley, Derek Appleby, Vivian Robson...


a)Corvine moons do not only features2 the horoscopes of witches: the BoE was e.g. born with Moon in Corvus, as especially active in tardy 2010 when WW3 2020 was most probably financed as finally initiated.
b)To modern “astrologers” as naively relying on Nakshatras: Moon in Auriga is not Moon in Orion: as 911 could have nothing much to do with Kalergi or Saudi.
c)Some positions are circumstantial, e.g. that 911 Moon in Orion matches Osama's natal Xi1 Orionis Moon does not prove anything at all.
d)Rare occasions are often marked by exotic zodiacal positions: Venus in Crater for sir Perceval, where Crater is clearly Grail.
e)Even the most insignificant default3 part of the horoscope, the Sun, gets sometimes heavily misplaced; zodiacal shift being seven signs now; ascendants failing from 90 to 270 degrees. The cardinal positions of the Sun are as follow: Cetus, Orion, Sextans and Ophiuchus. These are being made unknown to the masses as rejected by “experts”. That the masses never had anything but misinformation is clear, but aspiring magicians relying on faux grimoires or tables of demons and houses may have done severe damage to default astral domain. As nowadays there is not even attempt towards magick, all superstitions as faux ephemerids, fabricated grimoires as Necronomicons sink as safely stalled for eternity, lest some gamer discovers them.
f)Astronomical programs rely on either somehow outdated or updated integration modules. Therefore even most pseudo-astrological “programs” for the masses do in fact include a “real positions of the planets” switch: but should not it be otherwise?
g)As fraud is everywhere within humansphere, even telescopes for the masses will put e.g. Spica Virginis into Libra or Scorpius, as profit never cares for anything else4.
h)The “exotic” zodiacal positions do in fact mark epochs, aeons and our times, surely twin averages of Pisces, Aquarius and Capricornus bring nothing new at all.
i)Our own times are e.g. marked by Cetus, Pegasus, Scutum, Hydra; even Eridanus.
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