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Berry Boosters

Know The Facts

Quite understandably, most people reading this e-Book may think
why we are focusing on berries over other foods. Nature has a lot of
goodness to offer, then why berries in particular? To answer that, it
would be ideal for you to first know the benefits that berries can
provide you with.

Berries—Health Benefits

Berries are full of anthocyanins, especially the berries that have
a darker color. Anthocyanins are the pigments that give them
this color. But, at the same time, anthocyanins are also rich in
antioxidants. This is a fact that is really of importance to us
here. In order to understand why berries are wonderful for
health, we should understand what antioxidants can do for us.

Our body is consistently ravaged by destructive elements known
as free radicals. These free radicals impair our body in various
ways. They slow down the metabolic processes of the body and
put it in severe peril. That is the reason why we are not able to
do our work effectively when we grow up, even though we could
do it quite well when we were younger. As age advances, the
impact of free radicals in our body increases. The various
processes of the body become slower.

This includes processes like digestion, reproduction, sexual
activity, psychological activities, immunity, blood circulation
and almost everything else that you can think of. Free radicals
impair these processes and convert out bodies into a wreck as
we age.

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