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War world

The first chapter is the prohibition against martial law.
Violent explosion, tearing Wang Bin's body, Wang Bin felt his soul was torn away from the body by lightning, flying to the endless sky!
Then the soul is torn apart.
Is this smoke and ashes?
Wang Bin smiled, but he did not regret it.
Wang Bin's grandfather, a boxer, learned Xingyiquan, was born in the old days of darts, a body of martial arts to the extreme, has reached the level of hidden strength. In today's legal society, martial arts are of no use at all. My father and uncle do not practice martial arts. They are just ordinary people.
And grandpa looked at his talent outstanding, from childhood strict demands on him, so Wang Bin practiced a good martial arts, but also reached the peak level of Ming Jin.
Later, Wang Bin was the president of a small company and had a beautiful girlfriend. He lived a happy life.
Just one day, a "Ya" saw her girlfriend, and then played the means, the medicine. Girlfriend constantly resisted, unwilling to be aggrieved, broke through the tall building glass, jumped to the floor and died.

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