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7 String Lyre, Hybrid, Viking and Travel model included

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These are the latest plans for my 7 String Lyre with the scale length and tuning of a Kravik Lyre and the form of the 5th to the 10th-century lyre,   a wonderfully adaptable lyre to play,  light and resonant,  I have included as extras my own Viking 6 string reference design and a new small travel model 

This Download includes:
  • 7 String plans in A4, USA Letter and A1 poster formats
  • Routing template pdf
  • Construction guide pdf:  42 pages to get you started, (adapted from Lyre making CD)
  • Photos for reference
  • 6 String Viking Lyre plans,  a4, USA Letter, A1 formats and notes
  • Mini Travel size lyre plans,  new model, (tunes like a Kravik lyre) with additional notes

The 7 String Lyre uses my Kravik Lyre String set and tailpiece, (Sold on my Etsy shop) the Viking model can use my standard or light Anglo Saxon strings or other suggestions on the Download

This set of plans is a new set of plans (2021) not found on the Lyre making CD/DVD  featuring my Hybrid Kravik/Viking model, the 6 string Viking model and a tiny travel lyre small enough to fit carry on luggage on a flight, quiet enough for a hotel room to play.

Feel free to message me if you have any questions at all.
You will get the following files:
  • ZIP (461MB)
  • ZIP (39MB)