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Kravik Lyre Digital Plans


Lyre Making CD 2019 Download


11 String Kantele plans


Cigar Box Concert Ukulele


5 String Kantele plans and ebook


Stick Dulcimer plans (PDF Download)


Sheet music for "Lyre Meditation"


Kantele Making CD-ROM (DOWNLOAD)


Tenor Ukulele plans 14 fret model


Cologne Lyre


Electric Ukulele plans


Bowed Lyre/Jouhikko 3 string model plans Download


Oberflacht Lyre plans (Download)


Appalachian Mountain Dulcimer


Piccolo 5 string Kantele plans download


About Me

Making and designing Musical Instrument full time since 2002, with videos on Youtube since 2006. My background was in Sculpture and fine arts at University along with training to be a fine Furniture maker. My work philosophy is to share what I have learned by making my instrument designs available. Through my plans, Youtube videos, and educational CD-ROMS I have helped many new and established makers around the world.