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Sheet music for "Lyre Meditation"

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Download pdf edition of sheet music
This is the digital download of the sheet music for my "Lyre Meditation No.1" video for 7 stringed Lyres tuned to A C D E F G A   this tune uses all the notes of the Lyre and demonstrates arpeggios and chord patterns

Video to hear this track is here:
Contents of download include:

Sheet music version pdf (one page 42 bars) 
• Sheet Music and tab Version (two pages)
• Sheet music and numbers (Two pages)
• Information, reading the notation and background
• Blank 7 string lyre tab sheet 
MP3 of tune, Midi and Musescore file 
• 7 String and Kravik Lyre Chord pattern sheets (see notes)  

If you can read music the 7 notes of the lyre will be simple to read,  no sharps or flats,  if not the two kinds of tab I use for lyre are shown,  one like a guitar tab which is very easy to read visually,  the number system is a compact version as an alternative.   
Musescore is a free open source Music software for Windows mac and Linux.   

also available in print on Amazon Books:

You will get the following files:
  • PNG (570KB)
  • ZIP (28MB)
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