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Sofia SAK + SLWC- chapter 04 - day 02 -

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Sofia SAK + SLWC- chapter 04 - Sofia going shopping in a department store using a wheelchair.

Going shopping with a prosthesis is already difficult, now imagine besides the prosthesis having the other leg in a cast.

Upon arriving at the parking lot, the search for the wheelchair was very quick. Getting out of the car and getting into the wheelchair was not an easy task. After cleaning the chair, she sits down and makes the recordings herself having the view she has when sitting in the chair.

Upon entering the store, she becomes the center of attention, the position with her prosthesis raised upwards even more attention.

She uses the wheelchair by herself and looks for some products to buy and use at home in her recovery.

Many people look at some even comment and ask her what she suffered in the accident.

Sofia is choosing some clothes and asks for help and assistance from an attendant who helps her choose the best option for purchase.

She pushes her chair alone, goes to the cashier, pays for the products and pushes her to her car.

There are almost 15 minutes of videos with scenes from:

- Wheelchair

- closeup

- pushing the chair

- showing the plaster to the public

- Foot caress scenes

- shopping


You will get a MP4 (920MB) file
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