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Black Tea by Stephen Morris | print FREE UK POSTAGE


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Shortlisted for the Royal Society of Literature Christopher Bland Prize 2020
‘A triumph of art as well as of observation’ 
Paul Binding, cultural critic and author 

‘This fascinating autobiographical travelogue is an unblinking self-analysis’ 
Zinovy Zinik, celebrated Russian author and BBC critic 

‘Elegiac, evocative and disarmingly candid, Black Tea rattles along like a Russian train. It can be soothingly poetic and then bring you to a standstill with its sharp, searing honesty’ 
Lucy Ash, BBC Russia Correspondent

Inspired by the artful prose of Primo Levi, Raynor Winn and Deborah Levy, Black Tea is a book about Russia that starts in London at the height of the Cold War and ends on a beach in Crimea forty years later.

Highly informed with a unique perspective, Black Tea chronicles the changing geography, politics and personality of Russia over his thirty years there. A reflection and a travelogue, Steve Morris hauntingly explores love and identity, commitment and family.

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