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Daisy Chain by Justine Gilbert | print

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"Daisy Chain was well researched and informative and I could hear the voice of Daisy as I was reading it."
           Eimear Lawlor, author of Dublin’s Girl; A Revelation.

It's the Great Depression. The world is tilting towards war. In the White House, nothing is as it seems.

Franklin Delano Roosevelt, the married president of the United States, has started a long and passionate affair with his cousin Daisy, and moves her into the West Wing.

Daisy is one of FDR's band of unconventional women: Eleanor Roosevelt, the fiery labour organiser, Frances Perkins, the first female Secretary of Labour, and his secretary Missy LeHand, a political operative in her own right. Middle-aged spinster Daisy becomes FDR's secret wife. That's not her only secret.

This fictional biography written by a family member who knew Daisy is the untold true story of a hidden love and hidden contributions, and of a presidency that benefitted from both.