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The Cooperative Man: Arizmendiarrieta's Thought, Chapter 1

The first volume of The Cooperative Man: Arizmendiarrieta's Thought covers Don Jose Maria Arizmendiarrieta's early years as a young priest in Mondragon, immediately following the Spanish Civil War. 

Table of Contents

0.1 From the seminary to the barracks
0.2 To Mondragon, out of obedience
0.3 Milestones
0.4 Illness and death
0.5 Funeral honors

Prologue to the Second Edition


First Book: The Person
Part One: The Starting Point

1 A World in Crisis

Part A: Religious view of the crisis
1 Early historical notes
1.1.1  From soldier to priest
1.1.2 The Apostolic administrator
1.1.3 1940-1945: The restoration
1.1.4 The curate

1.2 The crisis of liberal reason

1.3 The Church, sign of contradiction
1.3.1 The Church of the conquerors
1.3.2 Humanity without God (Considerations on war)
1.3.3 Humanity without Christ (Considerations on nationalism)

1.4 The ruin of the family
1.4.1 Rights and responsibilities of parents
1.4.2 The family, source of life
1.4.3 Basis of society
1.4.4 Marriage
1.4.5 The problem of housing
1.4.6 Family and the social question
1.4.7 In line with a future tradition

1.5 The working class
1.5.1 Apostasy of the working-class masses
1.5.2 Social action of the Church
1.5.3 The priest’s work
1.5.4 Christianity and social emancipation

1.6 Doctrinal framework
1.6.1 Pontifical doctrine
1.6.2 Personalist roots: Maritain

1.7  Sociological view of the crisis

1.8 Historical observations

War wounds
1945: Change

1.9  Concerning property
1.9.1 Historical meaning of property
1.9.2 Social meaning of property
1.9.3 The current property regime
1.9.4 Approaches to property

1.10 Community and State
1.10.1 State (Civil Society) and Church
1.10.2 The (Spanish) State and Church
1.10.3 The absorbent State
1.10.4 The paralyzing State and citizen initiative
1.10.5 The State and development of the cooperative movement
1.10.6 The State and political-economic structures

1.11 Need for a new order
1.11.1 The revolution of Jesus of Nazareth
1.11.2 People of good will

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