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Month One

Hi, Tom here! 

Just a quick word before I give you the blurb below.

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You ready for the blurb?

Here you go!


  • Marketing e-book for newbies and veterans alike.
  • Or any person who has yet to make good money.
  • Complete guide to setup and run a professional online business.
  • Everything from niche and offer selection to getting lots of traffic.
  • Consider it a complete, A to Z business in a single e-book.
  • A PPL business: one that promotes PPL affiliate offers.
  • PPL, meaning pay per lead. Easy to convert offers that are free.
  • Earn commissions on free joins, from $1 to over $10 for each offer.
  • Much easier to convert offers that are free instead of paid.
  • Tons of offer niches, such a dating, gaming, business, beauty, and health.
  • Standard setup cost is under $10.
  • Entire operation can be outsourced, all of which is explained.
  • Focus on passive and semi-passive traffic models.
  • The e-book is a brand new, never-before-seen concept to the IM Industry.
  • A combination of novel and non-fiction textbook.
  • The novel part: the reader is invited into a comical world of adventure.
  • The non-fiction part: real-world digital marketing is taught.
  • A gripping and wacky adventure set in a place called IM Land.
  • Experience campus life: attend lectures, field trips, explore the library.
  • Spend a virtual month with your educator and guide, Tom Addams.
  • Each day (chapter) of the month advances the business and the story.
  • Packed with all the education required. No stone left unturned.
  • Traffic methods. Content methods. Design methods. Everything!
  • YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, and more.
  • Growing and managing social media accounts.
  • Building an army of passive and viral traffic.
  • Simple language used, with the international reader in mind.
  • PSD files. Resource links. Real-world examples.
  • Example websites and media created exclusively to educate the you.
  • All Photoshop work provided by Dennis the capuchin monkeyservant.
  • 160,449 words, spread across 799 pages, delivered in PDF format.
  • Priced cheap: £19.95, so everyone who needs help can afford it.

Month One teaches you how to devise, develop, operate, and grow a professional affiliate business, promoting offers that are free to the consumer. It is, in a nutshell, an A to Z education, an entire business in a book. You will promote affiliate offers that Joe and Jane Consumer can get for free and, in so doing, you can earn affiliate commissions that range from $1 to $10, and in some cases even more.

But Month One is not just an e-book.

Author Tom Addams invites you to experience an entirely unique kind of education. Month One is not only a brand new concept to the industry of teaching online marketing. Month One is unlike any other book . . . in the world.

You will join Tom on a wild, virtual adventure.

Tom has combined his knowledge of marketing, gained since the mid-1990s, with his knowledge of writing novels and screenplays, gained since his mother put a green crayon in his hand when baby Tom was sat next to a white living-room wall. In the many pages that follow, you will not just be handed information, no no. You will take an exciting and humorous and mad ride through a fictional world that teaches you real-world education.

Month One is part textbook, part novel . . . where YOU are the hero, and adventure awaits: campus life and building a real business, buttock beer, a talking monkey called Dennis, clones, vodka, buttocks with teeth, a filmmaker called Lloyd with plans to make filmgoers wet themselves. Oh, and Chicken Tikka Masala!

Tell you what. Let me pass you over to Addams.


You and I are about to enjoy a month together. During the thirty days and nights that follow, you will experience life in two separate universes: Offline World and IM Land.

Offline World, the universe you inhabit at present, is a universe famous for duck-mouth selfies, emojis in the form of unicorn poop, and stratospheric fame due to owning a large pair of buttocks.

IM Land, where the IM is pronounced Eye Em, is a universe based on and created by the Internet of Offline World, wherein residents can, among other things, take duck-mouth selfies, send unicorn poop emojis, and acquire fame on the strength of their buttocks, just so long as they are . . . large buttocks.

But IM Land, we should be clear on this, is a living and breathing place, a physical place, that dates back to the birth of the Internet, created over 6,000 years ago on, roughly speaking, a sunny Tuesday afternoon at 3:01 p.m.

Few people from Offline World have ever travelled to IM Land. It is not a simple procedure, nor often an entirely comfortable one, as you will soon learn. But IM Land, nevertheless, is your destination.

You will walk the streets. You will breath the air. You may even return home with your feet on the end of your legs. And your guide on this adventure?

Myself, Tom Addams.

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£ 19.95

£ 19.95

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