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Beatrice LLWC and Carrie Sprain Toe Play in the Orthopedist's Waiting Room (in HD 1920 X 1080)

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(English) A foot play festival. When Beatrice and Carrie both find themselves in the orthopedists waiting room waiting, one with a cast and the other with a sprain, they spend their time checking out each other's handicap footwear, playing with each other’s toes, playing footsie, competing for who is best at picking up objects with their exposed toes, Carrie Shoving a pencil deep inside Beatrice's cast to scratch an itch on the bottom of her casted foot (see Beatrice's genuine relief), cast signing, trying out Beatrice's crutches and in general wiggling, curling and splaying their toes. Great Closeups and POV's and a must see for foot play fans.
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