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Utrecht Psalter Cytharas

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The Utrecht Psalter is one of the most important manuscripts of the early middle ages. It Psalter was made somewhere between 816 and 835 in probably in the Abbey of Hautvillers near Reims. In it are a lot of depictions of musical instruments.

This set contains full size plans for all six different cythara models from the psalter, plus a couple of extras:

  • 6 Cythara’s  (25R - 40R – 48R – 63V – 81V – 83R)
Bonus Plans:
  • 3 Lyres
  • 1 Hourglass shaped drum
  • 1 set of Crotals (cymbals)

-All plans are full-size

-You have the option to choose between four different fretting patterns per instrument
 (Chromatic - Diatonic - Aliquot - Pythagorean)
You will get a ZIP (28MB) file

Three Cytharas of Charles the Bald


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