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A Complete Handbook of Nature Cures

A complet Hand Book of Dieases , illnesses and Thier Natural Cure . 
PART I NATURE CURE AND NATURAL METHODS OF TREATMENT Principles And Practice Of Nature Cure1. Fasting - The Master Remedy2. Therapeutic Baths3. Curative Powers Of Earth4. Exercise In Health And Disease5. Therapeutic Value Of Massage6. Yoga Therapy7. Healing Power Of Colours8. Sleep : Restorative Of Tired Body And Mind 9.
PART II HEALTH THROUGH NUTRITION Optimum Nutrition For Vigour And Vitality 10. Miracles Of Alkalizing Diet11. Vitamins And Their Importance In Health And Disease 12. Minerals And Their Importance In Nutrition. 13. Amazing Power Of Amino Acids14. Secrets Of Food Combining15. Health Promotion The Vegetarian Way16. Importance Of Dietary Fibre17. Lecithin - An Amazing Youth Element18. Role Of Enzymes In Nutrition.19. Raw Juice Therapy20. Sprouts For Optimum Nutrition21.
Gall-Bladder Disorders49. Gastritis50. Glaucoma51. Gout52. Headaches And Migraine53. Heart Disease54. High Blood Cholesterol55. High Blood Pressure56. Hydrocele57. Hypoglycemia58. Indigestion59. Influenza60. Insomnia61. Jaundice62. Kidney Stones63. Leucoderma64. Neuritis65. Nepthritis66. Obesity67. Peptic Ulcer68. Piles69. Premature Greying Of Hair70. Prostate Disorders71. Psoriasis72. Pyorrhoea73. Rheumatism74. Sexual Impotence75. Sinusitis76. Stress77. Thinness78. Tonsillitis79. Tuberculosis80. Varicose Veins81.

DISEASES AND THEIR NATURAL TREATMENT Acne22. Alcoholism23. Allergies24. Anaemia25. Appendicitis26. Arterriosclerosis27. Arthritis28. Asthama29. Backache30. Bronchitis31. Cancer32. Cataract33. Cirrhosis Of The Liver34. Colitis35. Common Cold36. Conjunctivitis37. Constipation38. Dandruff39. Defective Vision40. Depression41. Diabetes42. Diarrhoea43. Dysentery44. Eczema45. Epilepsy46. Falling Of Hair47. Fatigue48.
Venereal Diseases82.
PART IV WOMEN’S PROBLEMS Menstrual Disorders83. Pre-menstrual Syndrome84. Menopausal Problems85. Childbirth The Natural Way86. Habitual Abortion87. Female Sterility88. Leucorrhoea89. Inflammation Of The Uterus90. Prolapse Of The Uterus91. Vaginitis92. Pruritus Vulvae93. Hysteria94. Goitre95.
PART V OTHER DISEASES Cholera96. Dermatitis97. Hiatus Hernia98. Intestinal Worms99. Malaria100. Whooping Cough101. Halitosis102. Measles103. Mumps104. Pleurisy105. Pneumonia106. Sore Throat107. Cystitis108.

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