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ByeBye BeerBelly: How Mid-Life Men Can Add Vitality - Now!

Try my 10-day challenge for the price of a pint!

You don’t have to believe a word I say; just use the 5 steps and bonus information in this audio program for 10 consecutive days.  Then judge the usefulness of the information by experiencing the results in your body (and mind!).

It’s not essential to stop eating or drinking everything you have grown to like.  Just begin with some simple changes and watch the results (expect others to notice too!)  The beauty of the approach that I’m about to share with you is that it involves getting healthy in order to lose your beer belly.

Unlike dieting and other approaches to weight loss, you’ll derive a host of other positive benefits including:-

•     Permanent weight loss without yo-yo dieting

•     A higher threshold for handling stress and pressure

•     Improved love life as a result of having more energy and better circulation

•     A better level of mood and a more positive attitude to life

•     Better sleep patterns

•     Increased productivity as you add vitality throughout every day

•     Reduced incidence of minor illness and a much lower risk of contracting a life-threatening illness such as cancer, or diabetes

•     Potentally more years in your life and more life in your years

This is quite a set of claims and I’m passionate about you realising them — it really is possible to live longer, happier and healthier by following this approach.

My approach to weight loss is revolutionary, simple and exciting. It doesn’t require a calorie control diet, patches, pills or surgery!  Neither is it a fad; I just want to help you make some simple and slightly different lifestyle choices — every day. The beauty of the formula I’m about to share with you is that it’s really simple and it works — provided you use and act on the information!  The formula works on the basis that the best way to lose weight permanently is to get healthy first. It’s not difficult to see why, after all you are what you eat and drink because  every  single  cell  in  your  body  regenerates over  an  8-year period. Getting healthy will benefit you immediately in so many ways and you’ll benefit from these good eating and nutrition habits for life.

It’s easy to be so busy juggling all the priorities in your hectic life and forget about your most valued possession, your health.  Getting to and maintaining a healthy weight and lifestyle is something few mid-life men stumble across by accident, but the benefits are enormous and include:-

•   Dramatically reducing the incidence of illness (both minor and major)

•   Feeling great virtually all of the time, rather then every now and again or when it’s a beautiful day outside

•   Getting more done in the same amount of time because you have much more energy.

•   Becoming a more attractive and confident person, therefore attracting the opportunities into your life that will take you where you want to go.


You owe it to youself and your loved ones to download and use ByeBye Beer Belly right away. You'll receive 10 audio mp3 files and the accompanying 90-page PDF document, covering all of the program in detail.

Plus the opportunity to join a supportive community on Facebook and unannounced bonuses!

You will get the following files:

  • PDF (1MB)
  • MP3 (12MB)
  • MP3 (9MB)
  • MP3 (8MB)
  • MP3 (12MB)
  • MP3 (11MB)
  • MP3 (4MB)
  • MP3 (8MB)
  • MP3 (11MB)
  • MP3 (9MB)
  • MP3 (5MB)

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