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Free 2D game: Escape from the Seventh Planet outline - now available. You can download it on the website and also at The game is based on stories from the book The Seventh Planet - Galaxies and People, which is the first volume of the series: Natural Principles of Life. The game is full of action and adventure. Overcome obstacles with your spaceship, fight aliens, solve puzzles and discover secrets. And above all: have fun!

Three versions - for: Android, Linux, Windows :).

The game takes place on the Seventh Planet of the Keron system. Just after the great battle in which the Humans were defeated by the allied armies of cold-blooded Harpies and three-legged Mrons.

One of the survivors is the Young Mage Astilus. He resides inside the extinct Eternal Volcano, which the victors approach.

The player takes on the role of the young magician Astilus. To begin with, he will be the pilot of a spaceship called the Humble Bell. The vehicle is intended for space-time travel, but this time it will have to perform a mission inside the Eternal Volcano.

Meanwhile, the Humble Bell has been prepared to use the forces of Natural Portals, where fuel is almost not needed. The Energy of All Things is used for movement. To use it, you must first obtain an ancient artifact from Earth called the Natural Medallion on one of the next levels.

Moving inside a volcanic crater uses a lot of energy. To complete the mission and reach the top of the crater, you must not only avoid falling and levitating obstacles, but also need to replenish your resources with Fuel Cells. Fortunately, old Merlin saw this coming and placed a lot of Fuel Cells in various parts of the extinct volcano. Just reach for it. In order to prevent enemy races from learning about Merlin's heritage, Astilus, after leaving the crater, must destroy the Eternal Volcano with a rocket that was specially prepared for this purpose by his father: the B500MT Rocket. But first you have to find her. It is worth knowing that Laura - the artificial AI of the Humble Bell, will not allow you to move away from the mountain without destroying the top of the volcano. This will be the last and one of the easiest tasks of this game.

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