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NATURALNE ZASADY ŻYCIA Magowie, Hermonianie, Ludzie, Tom II: ZIEMIA Powrót Władcy Magii


NATURALNE ZASADY ŻYCIA Magowie, Hermonianie, Ludzie SIÓDMA PLANETA Galaktyki A Ludzie


THE SEVENTH PLANET Galaxies And Humans


About Me

Dariusz Golebiowski – who am I?


Husband of a loving wife, father of three children.

A lover of two cute kittens and a wonderful dog. Please take my word: "recycled animals;)" (shelter, street, etc.) are loved! Give a foreign pet a chance to be your friend! I did exactly that and it was three great decisions;).

Place of residence: in Zduńska Wola - almost all my life.

Born: a long, long time ago, maybe even too long ago;).

Education: Master of Management and Marketing plus Postgraduate Studies in Advanced Multimedia Applications and Their Applications.

I cultivate: the ancient, forgotten, somewhat philosophical art of writing novels, short stories and poems :).

Fan: traveling in the mountains, but only in summer, autumn and spring :), extreme sports such as chess or checkers ;).


Writer / Business consultant / Trainer / Web programmer - own company, the same for over 20 years.

The creator, among others:

• novels, stories and poems,

• fairy tales for children,

• applications, stores, games and web portals,

• training and materials dedicated to business / IT specialists,

• press and web articles in the field of: business, education, programming,

• information and advertising content for companies present on the Internet.