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Kilgore's Five Stories #14: February 2022

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Kilgore's Five Stories #14: February 2022 includes an eclectic mix of genre stories by author Shaun Kilgore. In this newest volume, you'll find The Witch of Greenwatch, a fantasy about a reclusive former soldier who is forced to rejoin the world to save her kingdom; At A Crossroads, a starship security officer is assigned to a new vessel and take a chance at a fresh start; Maybe More Than Friends, the story of two friends who take a risk to find out if there could be more between them; Deep Thoughts, Cold Drinks, one man celebrates his birthday at O'Riley's Bar and maybe finds a chance at something special with a special someone; and I Can't See The Sun; a grim tale of a creature of the night and his longing for an end. 
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