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One of the most powerful way to communicate your message is through storytelling.
Good advertisement these days tell a story.
Storytelling is the subtle way of selling because it touches the heart.
Movement, revolution and religion is built on stories.

Jesus Christ explained spiritual truth in a simple way that ordinary people can understand through parables.

You can use storytelling in so many ways: to raise fund, to educate, to inspire, to raise awareness, to change people's opinion.

I know the power of storytelling. That's why I use it often in my social media posts.
My friend Anoop said that his most viral posts contain his personal stories.

As I am a lifelong student in the art and science of storytelling, I study and take notes.
Over the years, I keep these notes in my secret Facebook group called 'StorySelling with Sam Choo'.
I still continue to update the knowledge base.

Now I am opening up this vault so that you can access them.

Here's what You'll discover:
* The objective, power, benefits, effects of storytelling
* The screts of Tony Robbins
* Storytelling formulas you can use right away
* The plot for different kinds of heroes.
* The essential components of a story
* Where to find stories
* Ways to get story ideas
* How to interview your subject. What are the questions to ask.
* What makes a viral post.
* Great storytellers to emulate
* How and where to apply storytelling.
* How to promote your story
* A collection of stories to inspire you
* How to write a good script for a video
* and more...

What's in the E-course:

Module 1: Introduction to storytelling (10 lessons)
Module 2: Formula / structure / template (18 lessons)
Module 3: IHero Archetype (11 lessons)
Module 4: IComponents of storytelling (9 lessons)
Module 5: Where to get stories ideas (6 lessons)
Module 6: IHow to inteview subject (2 lessons)
Module 7: IWhat makes a viral post (2 lessons)
Module 8: IGreat storytellers (10 lessons)
Module 9: IApplication of storytelling (9 lessons)
Module 10: IHow to promote your story (2 lessons)
Module 11: ICollection of stories (6 lessons)
Module 12: IResources (3 lessons)

Total: 88 short lessons

Once you make a one time payment of only sgd$50, I will add you to the private Facebook group.
Learn at your own pace. New info will be update from time to time.
Ask me any questions anytime. You have permanent access to the learning resource and to me on the topic of storytelling. 

Guarantee: If you are not happy with the course within the 7 days of purchase, ask for a full refund. The risk is mine.

If you aspire to be a better storyteller, and to make more sales through storytelling, this course is for you.


You will get a TXT (198B) file

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