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Britt LLC Leggy Blond Home Bound and Out and About Cast Talk and Foot Play (HD 1280x720)

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Cleaning out the gutters is not the best idea when you are a clutz! Britt found that out the hard way, and now she is stuck at struggling around on crutches a plagues by a profound itch. When she is not wiggling her exposed casted toes or scratching at them she is jamming a pen into the open foot end of her cast to scratch her itch! She's also got a lot to say about being virtually a prisoner at home in her cast. She says its not itchy, but why is she always scratching, wiggling and grabbing at her poor exposed toes? A great one for closeup, long toe and foot play fans! Some nice closeup worm's eye view shots too! After days inside pretty Britt decides she is getting cabin fever and decides to get dressed and go out, even though she is very self-conscious about crutching around on one leg while her long dirty toes stick out of her angled LLC. Pretty as she is, she is used to people staring, just not at her vulnerable, naked digits! Unfortunately she lives in a place with no elevator and lots of stairs so going up s a chore and she devises a different way to hop or crutch up ad down each time she also discusses her cast situation in this one while she wiggles her long toes in your face and rubs her naked sole and toes as well.
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