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And Then She Kissed Me

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When a trip down memory lane sparks an unexpected journey to love...

TV cop Sadie Ireland needs a break from her Hollywood life. She heads home to the beach town where she grew up to celebrate her 40th birthday with her family. 

Devon Douglas can’t believe it when she comes face-to-face with Sadie again. They were inseparable in high school until Devon did something she has regretted for more than twenty years—she ruined their friendship on a lovestruck whim.

Sadie is as dazzling as Devon remembers—and she can still hold her own surfing the wild waves of Clearwater Bay.

Devon’s first priority is her five-year-old son, but getting to know Sadie all over again is taking up more and more of her headspace.

Sadie is inexplicably drawn to Devon. It could be nostalgia. It could be remnants of their old friendship flaring up. But what if it’s more than that?

Best-selling lesbian romance author Harper Bliss brings you a steamy, big-hearted romance about two women who used to be best friends, until a teenage crush destroyed it all.

Get your copy now and join Devon and Sadie on their sizzling, twisty trip down memory lane!

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1 year ago

Fun and sweet

I loved this book. It was the perfect feel good romance that Harper Bliss shines at. It was so easy to get swept up in the story of Sadie and Devon. It was romantic and sweet with minimal angst. There were a great group of characters surrounding the MC's and the dialogue was fun and witty.


1 year ago

Terrific read!

Another extremely enjoyable story from Harper. Endearing characters, palpable attraction and swoon worthy sentences. What could be better!

Jean N.

Verified Buyer

1 year ago

What's not to love?

Two unique and awesome characters, a gorgeous setting (with sunsets and waves), an adorable child, interesting friends and neighbors, and a past even to overcome and surmount with the least angst possible.....what's not to love? Oh yeah, a beautiful friend who finally realizes sexuality is possibly very fluid, oh yeah there's that! And it's handled expertly by Harper Bliss. One of the best in the business of writing.
I highly recommend this.


1 year ago

Harper Does It Again!

While reading this book, I had all the feels: Love, happiness, anxiety, nostalgia, and anticipation to name a few. This love story began when Sadie and Devon were in high school. As in other Harper Bliss books, you kinda know the ending. It's the stuff in the middle that hooks you! I enjoyed the ups and downs of a decades old relationship that those involved didn't know how to nurture and let it grow. Sadie and Devon finally realize that they just needed to be themselves in order to find that love that was beneath the surface of their friendship. As I read the ending, I cried happy tears. If you want all the feels, I highly recommend this book! Thank you Harper for writing an awesome book!


1 year ago

Sweet and steamy

And Then She Kissed Me is the best yet from Harper Bliss. Fun, flirty, low-angst, teen love gone wrong, second chance, and steamy hot (as in a Yellowstone geyser steamy) all rolled into one fabulous story. In some ways it’s also a small town romance with a California surfing beach flare. The two main characters, a TV star and a life coach tattooed surfer, who were best friends and thick as thieves until the “inciting incident” that tore them apart and ended their soul bond best friendship. I loved the first person format of each main character alternating a chapter. It seemed to move the story along yet enrich the story by reading the inner thoughts of each character about the same events, stresses, and joys. Of course there is a happy ending but I got to the end feeling warm and fuzzy and thrilled for the main characters instead of exhausted like getting off a roller coaster ride of a relationship. I also couldn’t put the book down and now I need to read it again to get that heartwarming feeling all over.

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