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Note from the author. 01/06/2015
The extraterrestrial archeology is a growing extra-academic fields of scientific archeology, who regards the distant past civilizations grown on Earth, and extended in the space environment, and possible extraterrestrial visitors with a developed culture, having stayed was once Earth.
With this new scope, the homonymous book deals Extraterrestrial Archaeology. There presents evidence that the citizen is not never heard. Cross cites official figures, which appeared on a single day, from television and radio media, to a single type journals and post lost in oblivion by the shadow volume of newsman of bustling everyday life.
In the capital of the Moon is NOT speech about "alien bases" on the far side of. Not because they can not exist, but because it is not possible to see them too. There is no way confirm or reject this information. Therefore we can not accept it as true, by itself.
Besides all this literature, has not said a single word on the visible side of our satellites. Lest gaze thither, because there are lots to see! Suspicious TERRITORIAL FORMATIONS, in geometry, and more, raising questions and doubts, were there, in plain view, in order to look at the defendant! There we focus! Lists Repeatable personal observation, that anyone can verify, through his own research.
Also refers to relics POTENTIAL giant, - according to the mythology of the last battle of Zeus, against them, to be digging up from 1950, the lignite mine in Megalopolis in the Peloponnese!
The formal academic discipline, has a negative position as to the existence of such cultures past and awaits the evidence will confirm this case. Often, where they present, it is doing its best to place them in the context of existing knowledge. He says that the "suffering" of the findings dictated by Ethics that protects the science of mistakes. But when the conclusions arising from the suffering, are biased and one-sided, it becomes clear, that the feasibility gets the position of scientific objectivity. The difference of "EXOGIINIS ARCHIOLOGIAS" with a righteous ACADEMIC book, is that the author illuminates and emphasizes the elements which the academic discipline shrugged. Leaves observation with common sense, to edit the details - Whatever afta- in question Ancients interplanetary cultures in the environment of the Earth.

By price: George Th. Kasimatis
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