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Sword of Darkness (BK 2)

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Ebook (formats available .Mobi, ePub, PDF).

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The race to claim Agrona’s Claws continues…

Agrona’s claws—three godly artifacts that, when used together, have the power to either extend darkness or utterly banish it—were deliberately hidden eons ago so that no man or woman would ever again wield them. But nothing stays hidden forever, and the Crown of Shadows was recently unearthed and stolen, despite Bethany Aodhán’s best efforts to stop it.

Now Beth and her brother Lugh must seek out the Sword of Darkness before those intent on destruction can reunite two of the three Claws and unleash chaos.

But even the help of a cranky goddess and two sexy elves might not be enough to save the day… or the world itself.

Because the forces of darkness are gathering momentum, and its origin lies closer to home than any of them guessed.

You will get a PDF (117KB) file