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Ring of Ruin (BK 3)

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EBOOK (formats available ePub, Mobi, PDF)

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The race to find Agrona’s final claw begins…

Having claimed the Sword of Darkness, Bethany Aodhán must now destroy it—no simple task when the only means of doing so has long been hidden from humanity by the old gods.

Hand in hand with that quest comes the need to find the Ring of Ruin before their enemies. But those enemies are closer to achieving their goals than Beth and her brother Luke realize, and they have destruction on their minds.

Not just of a world but of all those who get in their way.

As the quest for answers leads them from the realms of the old gods to deep underground, it becomes increasingly clear that someone close to them is working with the enemy.

As danger closes in, survival becomes a battle. One Bethany might not win.

Because the traitor in their midst has her in his sights… and plans to use her as bait.

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