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Polish Girl;Chapter 67 Brexitpocalypse

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Life Is An Incredible Journey to Find…

Be moved, compelled, shocked and intrigued, wanting to turn the page and find out what happens next.

Monika’s biggest dream is to live in England. One day, she takes that leap of faith towards the unknown. Despite facing huge challenges from day one, she remains resilient and conquers her fears, bravely moving forwards.

An inspirational, strong woman’s journey, shared with a refreshing and raw honesty, giving a unique insight into a life of an immigrant in a foreign country which tests perseverance and courage but most of all, journey to enlightenment through betrayals, heartbreaks and pain.

Read between the covers of ‘Polish Girl’, to follow the incredible emotional rollercoaster and she will share some of her biggest secrets and reflections on what’s truly important in life.

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