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A DIY Guide for the Poor Middle Class Home Owner

I learned the art of horticulture (cutting the lawn and edges, sweeping up the dead leaves and picking up dog shit,) metal work (burning my hands on newly welded joins,) woodwork (being hit by a spinning length of wood being drilled as my dad let go to light a smoke,) hunting (carrying the poor creature, skinning and block manning it, and making the fire to cook the fresh liver that was to become our breakfast,) fishing (I loved scaling and gutting fish?) and so many other skills that I have decided that I should commit them to the annals of history in case my son decides to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps and teach his son to become a multi-talented young man.

This book then is a look into sharing that part of my life, and so also doubles as an encyclopaedia of useful and not so useful things that will help every son of future generations to survive the credit crunch, the collapse of the banking system, the darkness of difficult times ahead, the …. Indeed, it is a reference book for all those who, like my dad was, are or are going to be poor middle class owners of homes.

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