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  • Non DPS version Include
  • NSFW Toggles
  • Outfit and accessories toggles
  • PhysBones and Colliders
  • Heel foot base
  • Hue shift (Eyes, Cloak, Accessories, dress, Scythe)
  • Scythe (Back and hand)
  • Vrlab Marker, set up for the right hand
  • Cam throw joint, Ghost Swapped for Octopus
  • Contact animations! (Headpat, nose boop)
  • DPS (No Shapekeys) set up (Anal, Puss, Oral, Tit, Left and Right Hand Jobs)

  • Dress
  • Cloak
  • Garter, Wrist band, Choker
  • Shirt
  • Pants
  • Underwear
  • Shoes

NSFW Toggles

  • Nude / Underwear

Stats: Very Poor
Polygons: 249873

Download size: 53.63

Vram: 202.15

PhysBones components: 40

PhysBones collisions: 1238

Material slots: 39


Head: sleepy#0707

Base: Sugs#9795

Blouse: .Kanna - rakastan sinua#9999

Hair: nikkie#0088

Dress: sleepy#0707

Shoes: sleepy#0707

Choker: Garnet#1234

Cloak: ccwuvschu#2000

Pants: Lolo#5454

Wrist Band: ɥɓıH#6676

Underwear: ImLeXz#1234

PBR and texture: flexuh#0001

Eye Texture: WetCat#6969

Sycthe: nini#0517

Throw Joint pro v2: Cam#1959 Spring joint: OctopusPlushy by Nepnewp#4664

Dynamic Penetration System: Raliv

VRlab marker

Icons: awmi#6003,♥𝐵𝒶𝑒𝓁𝒾𝑒𝓃♥

PLEASE NOTE: No assets on this model may be removed and used on another model, personal or for sale. PLEASE buy the assets from the respected creators above for CORRECT use

Things that helped me in unity


Fluffs Tool Box

Basic Dynamics

Needed For Upload

VRCSDK3-AVATAR-2022. (Use one included in package)
Poi_Toon_7.3.50 / Poi_Toon_7.3.50_and_8.0.426

Dynamic Penetration System NOT INCLUDED (For DPS version)

Please go over and agree to my TOS before purchasing ANY product from me Terms and Conditions
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You will get a RAR (452MB) file