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Sometimes, we just need a vacation from each other. But in Florida, things don’t always work that way.

Grace needs a getaway from her busy life running an equestrian center. When her plans to tour Europe with her partner fall through, she’s disappointed . . . but bounces back into action when an old friend calls, asking if they can go on a riding retreat somewhere rural for a couple of months. She hasn’t seen Suzi in decades, and she’s heard Jules and Pete Morrison are looking for some rental income at Briar Hill Farm. Grace decides north Florida is as good a vacation spot as any.

Jules Thornton-Morrison is ready to up her game for the fall eventing season. Inviting Grace to spend the summer is one way to do it -- Grace’s tough-love teaching style is just what Jules needs. Another way up? Competing alongside husband Pete at the summer show jumping series down in Ocala. But when Jules gets competitive, her civility tends to slip. With Pete as her main rival for the best horses at the Peña farm, she lets her ambitious edge take over -- and he doesn’t appreciate her attitude.

Pete Morrison would very much like a summer break, but he’s not getting one anytime soon. His partnership with an investor is bringing him horse after horse to compete and sell in the jumper ring, but his heart is in dressage -- and his publisher is after him to agree to a book tour. If Pete gives up his jumper gig, he loses the closest thing to a secure job he’s had in years. As a new dad, he doesn’t think he can take the risk . . . but as a horseman, it’s all he can think about. And it doesn’t help that he feels like his own wife is working against him.

It’s heating up to be another summer filled with challenges. And when a hurricane watch is issued for north Florida, Briar Hill Farm is about to get very, very crowded.

Return to Briar Hill Farm for another horse-filled adventure in Florida! Briar Hill Farm is a new series featuring characters and settings from beloved novels by Natalie Keller Reinert in the Ocala Equestrians collection. These include The Eventing Series, Alex & Alexander Series, the Show Barn Blues Series, and more. You can read these books in companion with this series or enjoy each series individually.

For more information on how these series work together, visit Ocala Equestrians Collection at

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