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Create Your Dream Life as a Successful Author e-Course

[Comprehensive six-week home study course with life-time access for a one-off tuition fee of $549 - there is a money back guarantee* too so you can feel safe with your decision, plus I am always available for questions or extra help.]

Since I began writing and publishing my books five years ago I have had a steady stream of emails, social media messages and people in real life asking me:

How did you do it?
Where did you start?
Can anyone do this?
Don’t you need a publisher?

And all sorts of similar questions.

As I've progressed with my new career as a self-published author, I got to the point where I decided to record the process I have followed so that I can share the 'behind-the-scenes'. I show you my how-to, because I believe anyone who dreams of writing a book has the ability to do that. The desire is there for a reason!

My six-week home study program 'Create your dream life as a successful author' is designed to show you every single thing I have done from starting out with a blog that I wrote in my spare time for fun (and free), through to replacing my income within the first year of publishing my own books.

I now have a self-generated income which enables me to write from my beautiful home office in sunny Hawke’s Bay, New Zealand. It truly is my dream life. I get to commute down the hall and have my pets as colleagues.

Can I tell you that it feels so good to be in charge of your income and not reliant on anyone else?

I am not special or particularly talented; I just write books that I would like to read and I don’t hold myself back. I know you are just as capable of writing and self-publishing your books and I am here to tell you that it is possible, you do have permission and that it will be enjoyable and fun.


In this course you will receive training modules over six weeks containing all you need to know about writing and self-publishing your book. I will show you:

- How you can write your first book
- How you can create your own job
- How you can reduce your commute to a stroll down the hall
- How you can feel proud that you have added to your family’s income with your own creativity and enthusiasm
- My step-by-step process that I have used to successfully self-publish five books in both print and Kindle in one year
- How to market yourself at no cost and in a way that feels good to you
- The online tools I use and trust that are mostly free (or at a very minimal cost)
- How to set up your business and run it lean so you can make a profit straight away
- How to turn your blog into a book
- How you can quit your 9-5 job and spend more time with your family
- How to have a successful author mindset that supports rather than hinders you
- How to get past the fraud feeling and step into full confidence that you are meant to get your book out there
- How to get over the resistance to writing when you want to be an author but can’t seem to get yourself to write
- How you can earn extra money or even replace your current income
- How to organize yourself and structure your day for success
- Everything I have done to build my writing career from a hobby blog with no income to a six-figure income in my second year
- How to write, edit, format and upload your book to Amazon Kindle and in paperback with CreateSpace
- A private forum where other authors-to-be like yourself will be creating a first-class community of support and friendship
- Weekly Q and A audios (two each week)
- Every piece of training material is yours to keep forever – you will be able to download it so you can go through it over and over again as you write more and more books
- How you can see that it is not hard, impossible or difficult to write and publish a book – you just need to follow the steps (and get your mindset in the right place)
- How you can work out exactly what to write about
- How you can get rid of the feelings of ‘who am I to write a book?’
- How you can overcome naysayers and people close to you who might not support you
- How I created my own part-time job so that I did not have to apply for an office job once we sold our business
- How what you might have thought of weaknesses can actually be your strengths
- How you can market your book at no cost
- How you can create your own stream of passive income
- How you can break through your own upper limits
- How you can give yourself permission to be successful
- How to structure your day working from home
- Have to have a mindset that works with you, not against you


This six-week home study course is for you if you love to write, and dream of publishing a book one day. This was me, and I share with you how I started with a blog, grew blog readership, wrote a book and published it. Whether you have a blog or any social media presence already doesn’t really matter, what matters is your enthusiasm and desire to be a published author.

By the end of your study you could be well into writing your first book – there is no reason why you shouldn’t upload your book to Amazon within the six weeks if you want to. I found myself that it’s a matter of deciding to and then doing it. I proved this to myself when I made the commitment to take a book I had already outlined and get it published within the month.


See what you can accomplish

By the end of this course, you could:

- Have an outline for your book
- Be actively writing your book or have finished it
- Have created your own beautiful cover

And you most certainly will:

- Have gained confidence that you are meant to be an author
- Have good momentum with your writing
- Be so enthusiastic about your writing that you can’t help but write!
- Feel very proud of yourself that you are becoming a writer, just like you always wanted to be
- Have a strong foundation of knowledge on writing and structuring your book as well as how to self-publish it


Let’s look at what you will cover in each of the modules

MODULE 1: How to write your book

How to choose your topic
What to do if you have too many topics
How to turn your blog into a book
How to outline your book
How to get your creativity flowing when it feels blocked
How to structure your book
How to organize your writing for maximum ease
Decide whether to write short or long books
Learn how to use word count as a structuring tool

MODULE 2: How to market yourself (for free)

Why you should start your marketing from day one
What to do when the thought of 'exposing' yourself online freaks you out
The free marketing techniques that I use
How to find readers for your books, blog and social media
How to keep the momentum going
How to build your personal brand as an author
How to promote yourself online without feeling like a salesperson

MODULE 3: How to develop your successful author mindset

How to keep your vision clear and your frequency high
How to find out the secrets to your success
How to create your dream life as you wish to live it
How to create your own daily success plan
How to structure your days, weeks and months
Why it is important to make first-class upgrades
My best tips on self-care for authors
How to find support for your new career
What to do when you feel down about yourself
How to overcome naysayers

MODULE 4: Overcoming your blocks

Common blocks to writing and success and how to overcome them
Why you should start before you feel ready
How to feel good enough to charge money for your writing
How to conquer fear, doubt and worry
Where to get permission from
Turn your weaknesses into your strengths
How to become motivated every day
My best anti-procrastination tips
How to overcome resistance to writing
How to overcome perfectionism
How to know you are meant to be an author
My best anti-procrastination tips

MODULE 5: Publishing your book

How to edit your book
How to format your book for publishing
How to publish your ebook on Amazon Kindle
How to publish your paperback on CreateSpace
What to do to market your book when it has been released

MODULE 6. Being a successful businesswoman

How to run your online business
How to have a positive wealth consciousness
How to have a lean operation
What your must-do daily tasks are
How to set up an office space
Getting others to take your seriously
What to do when things start happening


Each week you will receive a new module on the Monday. The module is in written PDF format and also on an audio recording. There are bonuses too: Tuesday through to Friday you will receive a bonus each day - inspiration sheets, tip sheets, success meditations and affirmations, audio workshops etc - that's four bonuses each week for the whole six weeks, and then on Sundays you will receive two Q and A audios answering questions from the live rounds on that week's topic.



*You have a 14-day money back guarantee from the start date, so if you complete the first two modules and decide this course is not your cup of tea, I will refund your money, minus a small 9% fee for payment costs (this is what I am charged to accept payments and is non-refundable for me).


Here’s the thing: if you have seriously always wanted to write a book and be able to call yourself an author, it’s available to you right now, but if you’re anything like me the mistake you might be making is thinking that someone is going to ask you to do it.

I waited for decades for ‘the right time’ or a sign that I should be a writer. I always thought that someone in the publishing industry would stumble across my blog and contact me saying ‘You’re amazing, we want you to write a book for us!’

This never happened and I know that I would still be waiting if I hadn’t started doing it for myself. Now after self-publishing, I have had three major international publishing houses contact me about translating my first book into their languages – Lithuanian, Russian and Vietnamese. My Lithuanian and Russians books are out now, and my Vietnamese book is soon to be. All publishing houses paid me an advance sum for my work.

Up until relatively recently traditional publishing was the norm and self-publishing almost had a stigma about it; that you weren’t good enough to get a book deal. This has all been turned on its head thanks to the Internet. You might be surprised to know that many of your favourite books are either self-published or started out being self-published.


This could happen for you and it all starts with you taking the first small step. There has never been a better time than now to be a self-published author and create your own income - the sky is the limit! Imagine if your book idea was a runaway success?

Don’t let another year go by with your dream trapped inside you. Imagine being able to say that ‘by Christmas’ or ‘by my birthday’ you will have published a book. It doesn’t need to take that long to write and publish a book either. My first book took a year from me getting serious, and that was with many of the chapters already written years before that.

Once I’d finished and knew what to do – I knew all the (free) tools I could use to help me – my subsequent books have taken 1-3 months to write (from scratch) and publish. I put this down to the confidence boost I received from publishing my first book as well as having learned the how-to already.

In this course, by sharing my expertise and experience you will have someone to lead you and answer your questions, thereby making an easier path towards you becoming a successful author.

If you’ve always wanted to write a book, you need to take this course. Don’t put it off yet again, because your book will always be there nagging at you – believe me, I know this feeling well!


An exclusive club of ladies

I haven’t even gotten to the most exciting part yet – as part of this program, there is a private Facebook group where you will meet other authors-to-be just like yourself. That’s something I would have loved when I was starting out.

I will be in the group to answer questions and you may well find that answers I give to other ladies will resonate with you too.

I love that about other Facebook groups I am in – there is always a new point of view or some fresh inspiration which gets me all excited and revved up again if I have been feeling less than motivated.

In this private forum you will receive all the help you need to write and publish your book. It’s such a fun, inspiring and motivating place to learn.


Lifetime access

There is no worry about ‘getting behind’ or of life happening, because you have continuing access to the course materials.

I would be so honoured to lead you through this course and sincerely hope you can join me. We will have a blast together and do amazing things, that I am sure of. You get to start straight away too. As soon as your tuition fee shows up I will send you your 'getting started' pack. Then, on the following Monday your class will start! So exciting :)

If there is anything I have not covered, please email me at and I will answer any questions you might have.

I do hope you join me and all the other authors-to-be on this wonderful new opportunity!

With my very best,

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