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By Mark Anthony Hall

Come on and get ready to take a ride like none ever before! Take your shower, get your wine, put on your pajamas and jump into ROMANTIC BEDTIME MANNERS FOR COUPLES. Why go to sleep when so much more awaits you? Come, lie down, and relax. Get ready to experience a journey into love, love-making, kindness, friendship, support, tenderness, sharing, sensitivity, intimacy and quiet peace.

Let’s face it; we spend at least eight out of twenty-four hours of every day in our beds. I wrote Romantic Bedtime Manners as a strong squeeze on your behind, demanding that you should expect more from your nest of rest. In spite of all the bad things happening in the world, nobody wants negative things happening in bed, especially when you go to bed as a couple. My own eyes have lit up on many a nights, when I began to dream and think of the unique possibilities that existed between me and my mate. Going to bed with the one you love means just that, she can always be your lady, not some conjured up fantasy freak that you have in your mind. I believe that love making will be better when we treat each other with respect, courtesy and a set of protocol like manners in bed (I have tried the other way and wound up sleeping on the couch).

Ask yourself, “Are you really a romantic at heart?” Just think about how nice bedtime would be if your mate was a romantic also. On this night time ride of life, every night can be laced with the “little things” that will make your love nest grow. I must admit and I will confess that many times, I have failed in my romantic efforts, or they just get ignored. However, I must continue to try and refocus my efforts, lest romance dare try to disappear altogether in my bedroom.

Just think; if I try and my true love tries, so many variables can be created, though from couple to couple the results will be varied. Everyday won’t be perfect, but, I’m hoping that as you read this pulsating, passionate and pajama popping poetic-prose presentation, you will enjoy and relish the commonality of our human experience. In bed, these experiences can range from fun, to the most serious of issues.

Tonight, I have picked out my favorite silky-blue pajamas. I’m wearing the expensive cologne my wife gave me for my birthday. I lit every candle I could find in the house. No lights, no phones and no TV. Even now as I write, I feel my voice getting softer and lower. Come on; take a front seat to my bedtime movie! Take a shower, get your wine and put your pajamas on too. Sssh, I can hear the jingle of her keys at the door. I got to go, time to practice some Romantic Bedtime Manners on my lady. Oh yeah!

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