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White Vampyre. Europa City #1 (Paperback)

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There's always a new way to die in Europa City...

In the sprawling futuristic dystopia of Europa City, death comes in many forms. And Detective Sergeant Kurt Brecht has faced them all. From chromed killers to jacked up street hustlers, he's no stranger to the dark side of city life.

But when his latest investigation sends him on a collision course with Isaac Vaughn, head of the powerful Tessler Corporation, Brecht knows he's in over his head. Vaughn is former American Special Forces, a veteran of the brutal Oil Wars. He has his sights set on total control of the city, and he's got the money and power to erase anyone who gets in his way.

But Brecht has a secret partner in his war against Vaughn. By night, the mysterious and deadly Lady Methedrine guides Brecht through the neon city, protecting him from Vaughn's mercenaries and near limitless surveillance. There's just one problem.

Brecht can't be sure Lady Methedrine really exists...

Fans of Blade Runner and Neuromancer will love this hardboiled cyberpunk thriller.

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