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Darkness Visible: The Complete Short Stories (Paperback)


A Life Owed. Europa City #4 (Paperback)


The Violet Hour. Europa City #3 (Paperback)


Though Your Sins Be Scarlet. Europa City #2 (Paperback)


White Vampyre. Europa City #1 (Paperback)


About Me

Leon Steelgrave is the author of the Europa City series – hardboiled science fiction that traces its genealogy back to the pulp stories of the 1930s.  This dark and satirical world serves as a warning of the dangers of ecological disaster and totalitarian regimes.

Leon’s early work includes articles and reviews for music fanzines Take To The Sky and Glasperlenspiel.  But it was his attempt to secure a commission for writing one of a series of Judge Dredd novels published by Virgin Books that kickstarted his fiction writing career.  Although ultimately unsuccessful, the editorial feedback was sufficiently positive and encouraging for him to complete his debut novel White Vampyre.  He has published a further three books in the series and is currently working on the first of a new series set in the wider Europa City universe.

Leon is a member of the Alliance of Independent Authors and self-publishes his work through Ice Pick Books – fiction to make your ears burn!