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As the owner of Elite Escorts, I have unlimited access to subs who crave domination without emotional ties. I never expected the business to make me a wealthy man.

But I’ll be honest.

Seeing all my friends settle down has made me realize something is missing from my life.

My new secretary Jasmine is a librarian fantasy come to life. Her innocence calls to the sadist in me and every dark desire I have. But there’s only one problem. She can’t tolerate physical contact. Anywhere—at any time.

Psychological baggage from her childhood allows for friendship in the office but hinders a normal relationship. And the type I yearn for?


However, when I offer myself to her to practice physical touch, I get a glimpse of what we could be.

But her past and present collide, threatening the fragile connection we’ve built.

Will the trust I’ve earned be enough to give her the courage to take another step forward? Or will submission to her wounds keep her from ever calling me Sir?

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