Why and how to eat more raw foods. A raw vegan nutrition and lifestyle comprehensive guide.

A practical nutritionally complete raw vegan lifestyle includes but not limited to leafy green vegetables, legume sprouts,sea weeds, blue green algae, nuts, seeds and fruits. Let's explore what’s happening under the hood so as not to get lost in the ideology and diet aspect of things but rather focus on health and making it easier for yourself. And also by understanding how whole raw foods work we can avoid bringing the same baggage from the other lifestyles and repackaging them in a raw food format(for exaple the agave syrups, coconut oils and cinnamon buns of the raw food world).

A well planned raw vegan diet maintains the vitality that comes with being in a well functioning body and that is being physically and mentally fit at all times, avoiding most of the ailmenst that plague us today due to modern lifestyle conditions and last but definitely not least, looking and feeling youthful however long ago you were born. It's not even about hanging on to youth. A youthful look is a side effect of health. This is the ultimate reason why some people can keep people looking and feeling and functioning just like young adults however long ago they were born.

We'll cover the food groups to keep in the forefront of your mind as you plan your meals and how to make it as easily as possible so that its sustainable to follow by complimenting your lifestyle.

Also so many people who try raw veganism or incorporating more raw meals eventually come to conclude eating a proper raw diet is too time consuming or its too expensive. This couldn't be fruther than the truth. Ofcourse it can be that if its what you want or get the wrong information but it also has the potential of being the most freeing, least time consuming, least food obssessed way to live especially when combined with Intermittent Fasting.

This ebook covers:

  • Understanding the importance of raw foods against inflammation, A.G.Es and environmental pollutants.
  • Everything you’ll ever need to know about a nutritionally complete raw food diet
  • How and why to implement Intermittent Fasting
  • Understanding Exercise. Why the current trends like long distance running can do you more harm than good.
  • How and why raw foods improve mental health
  • Sample meal plans for whether you want to follow a fully raw diet or want to incorporate more raw meals in your diet. All take 30 minutes or less to prepare.
  • Why and how to train your body become more efficient at running on stored energy instead of having to eat all the time in order to be at your 100%

You will get a PDF (888KB) file.

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