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Welcome to my e-book 'One Breath At a Time' -- I have changed the price to 'pay what you want' - you can get the e-book for free or pay what you want.  I am a full time artist, writer, and public speaker.  The dog in the photo is my noel. She is a pitmix resuce. She was hit by a car and left for dead.  I adopted her several months later. We are best buddies.  It is folks like you that help noel and I continue to live as artists. Thank you. 

On December 28, 2007 David Gerbstadt lay on the sidewalk in a pool of his own blood. He had just been run over by a tractor trailer. EMTs rushed to the scene to find David holding his severed femoral artery. David's efforts were apparently futile because he died just a few minutes later. This is the story of a man who faced death and never gave up!

One Breath At a Time" is a story of experience, strength, and hope. David is a walking miracle living one breath at a time.

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David Gerbstadt

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