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More and More Sex

Jane Mashudu was born and raised in Alexandra Township and is passionately committed to seeing women finding their true voices and living in freedom.

Her heart lies is in addressing the challenges that seek to steal the destinies of women, including rape, rejection, teen-pregnancy, promiscuity, gender-based violence and poor self-image.

Jane is a powerful author and speaker; who shares from her own life and discovery of truth, in order to help others find the their truth.

My name is Jane, an evangelist, writer, speaker and blessed mother of three beautiful girls. I am the daughter of Joseph and Gertrude Malebogo. I am the third of five children. We are four girls and one brother.

I was born and raised in Alexandra Township. This is where many iconic South African leaders were born and some were raised, these include the likes of Hugh Masekela, Paul Mashatile, Alfred Nzo, Zanele Mbeki, Kgalema Motlanthe and many more. They were able to identify and seize opportunities to become great. I can't say the same for myself because of the wrong choices I made. I found myself living a life without a purpose from an early age, and at the age of 12 I ran away from home.

I would go anywhere but my own home. I would sleep in different places and most of the time I will be “working” late at night. The streets were largely my home; I had no idea where I was going or even doing.

I was raped so frequently; I became numb to it. By the time I was 14 I got pregnant and tested HIV positive. The doctor told me I was going to die and I then wondered “What is the point of living?”. I gave up living altogether. I started sleeping with every man I met. Between the ages of 15 and 17 I had already 5 |

slept with dozens of men; different types, sizes and cultures. I wanted to die, but death kept evading me. I tried almost everything to kill myself, but nothing seemed to work.

At the age of 17 I dated an older businessman, the next year at 18, I married him. I did not love him. I married him for money and pleasure. I only wanted comfort I didn’t have to work or pay for, but that was not what I got. The price I had to pay was abuse; which turned me into a self-destructive abuser myself. There was no relationship. Our language was sex, money and competing with each other. We both cheated on each other many a times. The whole thing was a lifestyle to me. This is the life I understood and funny enough a life I enjoyed since I didn’t know anything better to this. 6 |

What motivated me to write this book is the increasing rate of young people who are falling victim to the many vices in our world. Evil seems to reign more and more. Things like rape, physical abuse, rejection, teenage pregnancy and drug addiction are on the rise in our communities. These evils have caused young people, both boys and girls to drop out of school, run away from home, become thieves, kill with no mercy and have unplanned and unwanted pregnancies. In the end these lead to abortions, imprisonment and often times premature death.

One prevalent issue amongst the youth is that of sexual addiction. It has led to many women (especially young women) falling prey to things like prostitution. To many men, women, boys and girls, sex has become a wonderful game. A game whose consequences are real, yet we try to ignore them, but in the end they are unavoidable.

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