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Create your ideal Hypnotherapy Business

...from overwhelm to a focused, thriving business foundation,

in 10 weeks or less

Therapist to Business Owner...

We know that it's quite a leap! - Creating a business is quite a different discipline from becoming a Hypnotherapist, and so it's understandable that a different skill set is now called for... along with some support.

This program has been written ESPECIALLY for members of The Clinical Hypnotherapy School and priced to be affordable, with even better offers for CHS members.

This 10-week program will walk you through all of the major processes involved in planning, creating, marketing and managing your ideal Hypnotherapy business

It’s designed to give you weekly inspiration, food for thought and practical tips and tools to help you refresh or launch your hypnotherapy practice, in just the right way for you. 

Turn your business around and get it off the ground, in 10 weeks...or less!

Feel your business come alive

  • Self-paced modules (ideally one per week) designed to give you time to create and take your next actual steps. With every small action, you can feel your confidence grow, along with your business

  • Lifetime access to course content means you can take all the time you need, revisiting sessions as many times as you want.

  • Live support throughout the course, via Zoom with our Business Clinic 'Creation Boost' sessions, designed to put those 'mind-monkeys' firmly in their place and help you get going!

(We offer ongoing mentorship too, so that you'll always feel supported - Chat to me about that later, over a virtual coffee)

Jo Jones - Hush TheraCoaching

Hello! and welcome - I'm so delighted to bring you this exciting and nurturing 10-week program!

I work as a full-time therapist, coach and mindfulness teacher and am a senior lecturer for CHS. Over the past 20+ years, I have run successful medium to large businesses and am thrilled to now coach others to help them create the businesses and lives they want, and deserve

This 'business' thing can feel rather daunting and, as a therapist, sometimes lonely - I'm here to support, guide and help you feel comfortable and empowered, throughout this program and beyond

Course curriculum

10 Weekly modules designed to get you taking action from day 1. Here's what we'll be covering:

Session 0 – Welcome to the Create your SFH Business program

Session 1 – You, in your perfect business:

Session 2 – Start where you are

Session 3 – Finding your Ideal Client

Session 4 – Defining your offering

Session 5 – Branding, Naming and Building

Session 6 - Getting Brave and Visible!

Session 7 – The Marketing Mix

Session 8 – Support, reinvestment, and sustainability

Session 9 – CEO of your own business – The realities

Session 10 - Absolute essentials for running a SF Hypnotherapy Business (…& your next steps)

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