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RVing to Alaska On Your Own (2019)

By RV Stuff - Ron Jones
This is my FOURTH update of my original book that was entitled “RVing to Alaska”—the only book focusing on “how” you can make the trip to Alaska on your own by RV and with just a smidgen of travel guide tossed in. This update is NOT about going with a caravan. You can do this on your own and you don’t need anyone else with you.

Going to Alaska by RV is different than any other trip. Since you will drive or tow your RV to Alaska, there is specific RV-related information relevant to both Canada and Alaska. This is information that, unless you have taken an RV to Alaska previously, will likely be new and different.

The majority of information in “RVing to Alaska On Your Own” is about the differences between RVing in the “Lower 48” and Northern Canada and Alaska. You will learn these distinct geographic areas have different laws, traditions, and each has a measure of uniqueness to it. With that, you will learn about such things as how to drive over frost heaves, how to deal with construction and road conditions, alternate routes, using emergency road service, where you can go, visitor centers, crossing borders with pets, wildfires, border crossings, packing extra stuff, finding and dealing with campgrounds, what are loonies and toonies, a bunch of boondocking sites, seeing wildlife, using credit cards, ferries, historic mile markers, and moose droppings to name a few differences. Those differences were the basis for the original, printed book. I was surprised at some of them but interestingly, never disappointed.

I am amazed by the number of e-mails I receive asking questions about going to Alaska. Mentioning the Alaskan trip during our seminar presentations all over the nation would also set off a number of questions.

Before our first RV trip up there, I tried to find any book on going to Alaska by RV but there weren’t any. There were a handful of campground-recommendation books and a bunch of travelogue-type books and videos on how great Alaska looks—some good and some a waste of money. But I believe “RVing to Alaska On Your Own” is the only book devoted to “how” to plan and make the trip to Alaska by RV and be efficient, safe, and cost effective.

This book assumes you are going to drive up and back in your RV. If you are interested in taking the Alaskan ferry either direction, get my companion eBook entitled, “RVing to Alaska By Ferry.” See it at

There are a few trips that are perfect for RVs. All other modes of travel will have certain limitations. RVing to Alaska is a long trip but a great one. I believe it is the best destination for RVers. There are tens of thousands of other destinations for RVers but Alaska is the best in my opinion.

We have been to Alaska on four different cruises AND four times—that's four full summers—in our RV. We made three trips in the same coach and the most recent one in a different coach last summer (2018). It worked. You can, too. It was wonderful. Can’t wait to go back. Try it.

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